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Anonymous whispered:
have any of the guys (DBSK) talked about each other after the split ???


"I don’t know if I can say this.. I really miss Yunho, Changmin.. No matter what anyone says, they’re still my members, I understand those guys more than anyone else.. I don’t know if this will be deemed as unnecessary nonsense by others.. But I really have been missing them for a long time"— Jaejoong

"When the 5 members come together once again, it will be even more glorious than before. Hopefully, that day will come, even if we don’t know when it will become a reality. But, we hope to grasp onto this hope."  Yoochun
"We miss TVXQ just like how everyone does. If there’s a chance, we hope we can be together."  Jaejoong; Beijing 08/23
"Whether it’s me, JYJ or the other 2 members - If everyone still likes us, we’ll continue to work hard." — Yoochun
“I want to release an 5 members’ album. Should it be possible as the time passes”— Yoochun

“People asked us, “What do you think of TVXQ in the past?”
No, that is not totally wrong question to ask.
Some people might think that way…
But why must they ask about the ‘past’ TVXQ?
It like they’re saying we’re not part of TVXQ anymore.
Maybe its because there is only the three of us left so you used that word.
Even though we can’t do activities under name of TVXQ, we’re still members of TVXQ.”  Jaejoong

"No matter 
how far we’re separated,
we’ll come back together one day.”— Yunho.
"The five of us working together could be consider as fate.
Five different people feeling as one, happiness multiplied by five, sorrow is just 1/5.
This is called happiness. To me, TVXQ is just like a family, a home. No matter how far we’re separated, we’ll come back together one day. TVXQ is just such an important place for us.”— Yunho
"Denying their (JYJ) existence is like denying TVXQ’s existence." — Changmin
"Even though we’re separated from each other at this time, my biggest desired wish is that we can do activities as TV5XQ like before. Nothing can break down our connection/relationship."— Yunho
"We have been divided into 2 for a long time 
and all of us feel very hurt about it.”— Yunho
"In the past we said, ‘Even if we’d have solo activities, the 5 of us will continue to stay together’ and everyone promised."— Yunho
"Even though it is disappointing with the current situation. We would like to welcome the activities of the two members. When the five of us are together, we bring out the best of TVXQ and it gives us great pride that we are part of the group that is worthy of that name. If you are true to the name TVXQ, please buy their album." — Jaejoong
"We (JYJ) are still members of TVXQ. That’s why we hate being called ex-members of TVXQ."— Jaejoong
"Yunho and Changmin are my members. I know them better than anyone."— Jaejoong 
"We are still members of TVXQ. The three of us alone cannot be TVXQ. Cassiopeia was created because they loved TVXQ as a whole, not because they loved individual members."— Jaejoong 
"Our original intent was to JUST leave the COMPANY, not the members of our group." — Jaejoong/Junsu
"It would be a lie to say that it didn’t hurt to have to stand on stage as a duo"— Yunho
"In the future, 3hree voices will be followed by 4our and 5ive voices. I hope we can continue to be united as one as I go forward."— Junsu
"I’d like to call them and have a glass of soju like before. Whatever occurs, wouldn’t it be able to be reconciled through time?"— Yoochun
"A lot of time has passed. The misunderstandings that formed because of the distance and the amount of the time we’ve spent apart are beginning to disappear. We just want to meet them, and talk to them."— Jaejoong
To be honest, it’s not that we had thrown away our identity (as members of TVXQ), or thrown away or given up our music and history. It was just a problem we had with our agency…”— Junsu
"Yunho. Changmin. Jaejoong. Yoochun. Junsu. I’m waiting for us… Let’s wait together." — Jaejoong
"We will be back together one day. Time will heal all." — Jaejoong
"The two friends frequently appear in our dreams. Not long ago, they appeared in the dreams of all three us on the same night."— Jaejoong

“I tear up and feel frustrated that I can’t tell you this all the time.. It’s difficult to bring up Yunho and Changmin when I talk.. Because it feels like my heart and my words are like heaven and earth…” — Jaejoong

"As the others are not with us right now, it’s embarrassing to say this, but I felt the love from them."— Yoochun

there are more quotes like those…
no, i’m not going to search for all the sources (of those quotes), whoever is interested can do it by yourself, so don’t mind to ask me.
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Sung and Lyrics by Kim Jaejoong

Triangle (트라이앵글) OST Part5

Hangul 가사 & Romanization Lyrics

꿈은 이뤄질 거라 생각은 하지 않았어 음

kkumeun irwojil geora saenggageun haji anhasseo eum

살고 있는 나의 모습을 볼 땐 그저 숨을 쉬는 것도 감사해

salgo inneun naui moseubeul bol ttaen geujeo sumeul swineun geotdo gamsahae

생각도 못한 널 만나고서

saenggakdo motan neol mannagoseo

진실을 찾아헤매다 내 꿈을 놓칠까 봐

jinsireul chajahemaeda nae kkumeul nochilkka bwa

누군가를 위한 그 눈물을 감싸주려 내 가슴을 찢어야만 하는

nugungareul wihan geu nunmureul gamssajuryeo nae gaseumeul jjijeoyaman haneun

내 현실 앞이 궁금해

nae hyeonsil api gunggeumhae

살았던 내 과거와 지금 내 인생 가운데 있던

saratdeon nae gwageowa jigeum nae insaeng gaunde itdeon

잃어버린 사랑과 대면할 때 너 또한 나와 같은 맘 느낄까

irheobeorin saranggwa daemyeonhal ttae neo ttohan nawa gateun mam neukkilkka

생각도 못한 날 만나고서

saenggakdo motan nal mannagoseo

진실을 찾아헤매다 내 꿈을 놓칠까 봐

jinsireul chajahemaeda nae kkumeul nochilkka bwa

누군가를 위한 그 눈물을 감싸주려 내 가슴을 찢어야만 하는

nugungareul wihan geu nunmureul gamssajuryeo nae gaseumeul jjijeoyaman haneun

내 현실 앞이 궁금해

nae hyeonsil api gunggeumhae

알잖아 앞에선 내 떨리는 두 눈동자와

aljanha apeseon nae tteollineun du nundongjawa

왠지 모르게 놓고 싶지 않은 사람

waenji moreuge noko sipji anheun saram

내 꿈 따윈 어찌 되든 다 버려 둘 게 내게 돌아와

nae kkum ttawin eojji doedeun da beoryeo dul ge naege dorawa 

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What is it with Jaejoong’s parents and Yoochun? ^^


Jaejoong’s sister’s twitter

Hero’s mom with Yoochun

Isn’t it because when Chun’s family wasn’t in Korea Chun would go home with Jae whenever there was a vacation day?

[NEWS] 141013 JYJ Jaejoong boasts masculine figure while hiking 


[NEWS] 141013 JYJ Jaejoong boasts masculine figure while hiking


restmb_jhidxmake restmb_jhidxmake (1)JYJ member Kim Jae-joong showed off his muscular arms in a picture that he uploaded on Twitter on Sunday.

His black shirt highlighted his manly shape.

“Climbing. I had a nice time,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, the singer appeared as a guest singer at Gummy’s “Fall in Fall” concert in Seoul on Friday.

By Park Gyu-oh (q5park@heraldcorp.com)
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Yoochun @ JYJ Gangnam KPOP Festival - Be My Girl

Yoochun @ JYJ Gangnam KPOP Festival - Be My Girl

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