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"The outer / external aspects have come to be changing, aren’t they? Although there is nothing I can do about that, to the extent of my inner mental workings, I am working hard in order to refine them in a flexible and composed manner."
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"If not because of Jung Yunho, I would have died. (The time when he lived with Jung Yunho) When Yunho is in Korea, he said “I’ll go to Japan for three months, will you be okay?” and while asking (that), Yunho went to buy a box of ramen and precooked dried rice to put in the house. I have only eaten ramen once that time. Because during those days, I don’t have money."
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"It would be great if all the people I treasure are happy." 


or “I wish everyone whom I love is happy”

- Kim Jaejoong 30/9/2014 =)


(by 5starsas1 and theyoungestmin)

(Short Fanaccount) 30/9/2014 JYJ ‘just us’ fansign (╥_╥) 


>1 JJ cried at the fansign event


>2 (╥_╥) #what if he’s an angel


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"No matter who it is, when you hear (negative) criticism, you will not be happy. As long as one is able to grasp the important points, pick out the opinions that should matter, forget those that should be forgotten, and then quickly switch one’s mood. I think if one is able to do this, then one is a person with a healthy mentality. But if it is an extreme cheeriness like a mania, living life (too) merrily sort, I don’t think that is a good mentality. As long as people are able to embrace their own healthy mentality that is enough. Although the suggestions that fans give are also important, however, I hope that (you) don’t become happy or upset just because you care about every single one."
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cute Halbebe ..nom nom nom (ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

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"It’s only Kim Young Min’s fault!"

how do you explain H.O.T. and Shinhwa then?!  SM was corrupt from the very beginning.

so Kim Young Min is no saint but everyone can stop defending Lee Soo Man now.

Real Life SM


JYJ - Untitled Song Part I

"This is something our boss said to us in the past
If you need anything, just say it, since we will always be family.”

"I couldn’t stop the tears which flowed.
I was in a state of confusion over the thought that they weren’t the family that I had believed they…

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tvxq being sore losers over balloons / trans cr: ecaisme

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