[SCANS] Park Yuchun featured in Japanese Magazines ‘FtoF’ & ‘Hallyu Pia’ (October 2014 issues)

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first impressions of tvxq vs. [that other group name here] x

first impressions of tvxq vs. [that other group name here] x

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Yoochun is special

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100 Drabble Challenge 


1. Introduction

“Tell me anything.  I won’t be surprised.  I’ve seen it all.  Heck I’ve done it all.  So I’m not afraid of you.” 

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[OTHER TWITTER] 140919 Kim Jaejoong’s Sister shares past photos of Jaejoong with his family




[TRANS] 2nd eldest sister is not in pic coz she is busy. Every member of family is present in this event, will take many pics so I can make them my #1 treasures. Need to take care of my health first. Let’s go!



[TRANS] Baby girl of our family(1son 8 daughters) is…

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[IAG 2014] the kim jaejoong close-up that killed us all (x)
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time works wonders covers

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JYJ at IAG 2014

JYJ at IAG 2014

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Wet & Sexy Jaejoong

stop doing that !!

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Wet jaejoong


Wet jaejoong

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