when 4D JaeJoong at a fansign event

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140809 - JYJPH Fan Support for The Return of the King in Seoul

~Return of the King Rice Wreath~

Our Rice Wreath came with LED Lights ^___^

Video from Dreame of the Rice Wreaths at the #JYJ Return of the King Concert in Seoul last August 9, 2014

Our wreath is focused at 6:06 and 14:00

Sources: JYJPH + dreame

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9/8/2014 JYJ concert in Seoul (24)

140809 - Junsu: The Return of the King in Seoul


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"I hope all five of us find success. I don’t know when it will be, but I think it would be great if, in the future, all of us can gather and share a glass of soju together."
-  Yoochun - 2014.08.13 StarIn Interview (via onlykismet)
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[VIDEO] 140801 Tiny-G J.Min wants to duet with JYJ Kim Junsu

“I’ve said this before, I really liked TVXQ sunbaenims. Now JYJ’s Kim Junsu sunbaenim… I really love his voice. I’ve listened to all of his songs ever since a long time ago. I want to see [his performance] but I haven’t been able to see one. If I could really perform a duet with him, I would be very nervous and it would be an honour.”

Video credit: OBS TV via junsuchunsa
Translated by: pvtse of JYJ3
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[TRANS] 140715 Tiny-G J.Min, “Duet stage with JYJ Kim Junsu, I’d be so happy I might faint”


Group Tiny-G J.Min confessed she would like to have a duet stage with JYJ Kim Junsu.

Tiny-G (J.Min, Dohee, Mint) were guests on SBS Power FM “Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School” that was broadcasted on July 15th.

“I really like JYJ Kim Junsu sunbaenim. If I could perform a duet with sunbaenim, I would be so happy I’m probably going to faint,” J.Min said, unable to hide her happiness just imagining it.

DJ Kim Chang Ryul commented, “Kim Junsu-ssi sings really well.” J.Min continued praising, “Kim Junsu sunbaenim’s songs are good, and his voice is really sweet.”

Note: parts unrelated to Kim Junsu were omitted.

Source: SSTV
Translated by: pvtse of JYJ3

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[VIDEO + TRANS] 140805 “해무”/“Haemoo”/“Sea Fog” Cross Interviews with the cast members

[TRANS of Yuchun’s part]

YC: I’m taking on the role of the youngest sailor ‘Dongshik’.

Yoo Seungmok: What was the hardest point of absorbing yourself into the role?
YC: Having to bring out a pure figure (Dongshik’s character). <laughs>

<Showing a clips of Dongshik>
Caption: Park Yuchun, a figure purer than anyone else at the site of <Haemoo>

Kim Yoonseok: What was the most memorable essence in Dongshik’s lines?
<Lee Heejoon points to Han Yeri>
YC: Hongmae.
YC: Hongmae was in several lines. Hongmae seemed like the most called name.

Lee Heejoon: Among the crew members, who were you closest to?
Captions: (HYR) Eiigoo…/(Lee Heejoon) Quietly waiting / (Kim Sangho, Yoo Seungmok) What about me?
YC: Apart from Heejoonee hyung, it seems like I was close to everyone. (T/N: he was obviously joking)

<Clip showing Yuchun’s interaction with the crew>
Caption: The happy atmosphere of <Haemoo>

Kim Sangho: What is Haemoo to Park Yuchun?
YC: A movie that was made with the thought of wanting to continuously act in movies.

Source: Naver Movie via 朴有天-Taiwan Only Yuchun
Translations by: @yochwennie
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What is your Vogue Japan moment? [x]

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Favourite DB5K era ~ Requested by whowhenwhy-rotten-love


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Favorite -life changing- YunJae moment: Dangerous Love
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"If you want to become a true artist, you need to find who you really are."
-  Kim Junsu (via dailydoseofjyj)
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